Hosting info for ScriptClassifieds

In order to install ScriptClassifieds on your website you only need two things:

  • Linux Server / Hosting
  • Domain name

If you already have one of them or both, you just have to make sure that your server meets the technical requirements to be able to install ScriptClassifieds.

If you do not have a server you must hire one that meets the minimum requirements to install our ScriptClassifieds.

There are many hosting providers that include a domain name in their hosting offer and also do not usually have high prices.

A server is nothing more than a space in the cloud that will allow you to upload all the ScriptClassifieds content for accessibility from the internet. for The domain name must be configured to point to your server

Below we inform you of the minimum requirements and characteristics that you must ensure that your server meets:

  • It must be a Linux hosting.
  • The PHP version must be at least 5.6 .
  • You will need at least one MySQL database.
  • It is recommended to have at least 5 GB of space.

These requirements are very common, and you will have no problem finding a server that meets them.
for If your website has a lot of web traffic, you will surely have to have more storage space .